Benefits of Organic Childrens Clothes

Raising your child is arguably the most important responsibility a parent has but raising a child that has skin allergies can be quite frustrating and nerve-wracking. However, some of these health issues can be alleviated with organic clothing. As superficial and insignificant as this sounds, organic clothing is a better option to clothe your child in versus clothing made from traditionally grown cotton. This is not to say that once you put your child in clothes made from organic fibers, your child’s allergies will all but disappear but these clothes can help make your child feel better and can lessen the effects of these skin allergies.

The National Organic Standards board states “Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on the minimal use of off farm inputs and on management practices that restore maintain and enhance ecological harmony.” In order to be “certified organic,” strict guidelines must be met at every step of the production process. This does not only apply to the cotton crops, but also the manufacturing stage of the final garment to be sold. The soil from the cotton fields have their own guidelines as well as the production facility where the final piece will be produced has guidelines they must follow as well. The end result is products that are free from toxins and pesticides that can exacerbate your child’s sensitive skin.

If you do not think this easy transition to organic clothes matters, think about this statistic: cotton fields use 2.4 percent of all cultivated land however, they use 25 percent of the world’s pesticides and 10 percent of the world’s insecticides. This chemically dependent crop does not stop taking abuse in the fields but also in conversion process from cotton to fabric. Material is introduced to numerous toxic chemicals at every stage such as harsh petroleum scours, formaldehyde, heavy metals, ammonia, and much, much more.

None of this is to scare you but rather to inform you that there is a better option for you as a parent. We all want the best for our children and organic clothes, though it may seem insignificant, can go a long way in their long-term health. Any amount of toxins and pollutants you cut out of your child’s life can only be beneficial to them. In addition, these clothes actually can be cheaper than its conventional counterparts. With the absence of the toxic chemicals and the harsh treatment these fabrics undergo even before they are cut and sewn into a garment, the organic fabric is sturdier and will last a lot longer.

Rachel V. Birchler of Mooi, an organic children’s clothing boutique in Pittsburgh states, “Organic clothing may be more expensive when first buy it, but when compared to the cheaper cotton product it gives you your money’s worth. Conventionally produced cotton material lasts 10-20 washes before it starts to break down. An organic cotton material lasts for 100 washes or more before it begins to wear down. This is because the cotton fibers in conventionally produced cotton take so much abuse in production because it goes through scouring, bleaching, dying, softeners, formaldehyde spray, and flame and soil retardants before it is even shipped to be cut for patterns.” If your child is like many other children that have a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, shirt, dress, or any can’t-part-with piece of clothing that they always want to wear, this can be such a godsend. Imagine the tears and the temper tantrums that can be headed off by being able to keep your child’s favorite blanket or most comfortable shirt. Plus, the money saved in the long run is an added bonus for you.

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