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Steven Rindner Talks About Some Popular Architectural Trends

Architecture basically involves the creation of the physical environment in which people live. The architectural designs witnessed in the society often act as a representation of its culture and socio-economic structure. As pointed out by Steven Rindner architectural trends keep evolving with time, as per the tastes and requirements of the people. Technology, popular culture and environmental sustainability are some of the key elements that impact the contemporary architectural trends. Commitment towards sustainable development and sustainable architecture has especially increased over the recent years.

Architecture is among the few creative professions that reflect the age and cultural context of its end-results. Steven Rindner says that architecture often defines how cultures see themselves and their world, and trends related to it evolve with the ever-changing mindsets of the people. Mr. Rindner has multiple years of experience in the real estate and architectural circles of New Jersey, and hence is well-aware of the architectural trends popular today.

Here are a few of the prominent architectural trends marked by Steven Rindner:

  • Green urban planning: Landscape urbanism is focused on designing city plans that lay emphasis on the preservation of soil and water resources.  This trend has been based on the belief that modern building designs must complement nature. Green urban planning supports the efforts of sustainable development, and the creation of structures with minimal resource wastage.
  • Usage of recycled materials: Many architects are turning to recycled materials, with the growing need for environment sustainability and conservation in the modern world. They are striving to develop designs that do not sacrifice on aesthetics and craftsmanship, even while involving recycled materials for its construction. A great focus has also been given to the renovation and rehabilitation of spaces through adaptive reuse projects, as opposed to the development of brand new structures.
  • Small space living: The trend of compact living has gained considerable popularity in the recent years. Petite prefabs, tiny cabins as well as stylish airstream transformations have become common today. Minimalism can be a great option for people who prefer a more eco-friendly lifestyle, or do not own too much space. Small space living architecture proves that no matter the amount of space a person has, there always is enough room for good designing.
  • Accessibility in design: Accessible design basically makes sure that every person gets to enjoy access to a structure, without facing any issues. This architectural trend is focused on developing functional building designs while taking into consideration the requirements of people with special needs. Incorporating specialized elements into the design of houses meant for elderly or disabled individuals have become a norm in many places today.
  • Digital Innovation: Modern-day technologies have significantly impacted the domain of architecture. 3D printing, artificial intelligence systems and virtual reality technology are some of the most prominent digital innovations that have made a marked difference in the architecture industry.

As put by Steven Rindner architectural trends mentioned above are expected to gain even more popularity in the coming years.